Our art/custom department is always busy creating new and innovative products. If you can dream it , one of our artists can create it. We have a (do it till your satisfied) policy for custom work. This page is dedicated to what is NEW & IN THE WORKS . Many of these items will be very limited editions , feel free to order early. Email any questions to Custom@elitebath.com
The Kids: Updated pics will be added as the pieces progress. Each one will hold a basin & can be plumbed for a fountain. Man In Vines: Limited edition Chantilly Lace: This drop-in oval is very detailed, scalloped edges and layers of florals make this a beautiful addition to her bath.
Marlin Door Pulls Something new in the floor. More designs in the works Bamboo: Drop in oval with a lovely bamboo pattern.
Egyptian Queen : Her crown will make a lovely basin. Custom Jackrabbit
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